Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

The pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are available in a variety of materials that are resistant to abrasion, different temperatures as well as chemical compatibility. The diaphragm pumps are suitable for dosing, injecting, draining and distributing a multitude of liquids and other demanding applications.


  • Proven superiour performance
    – Superior dry suction
    – Non icing
    – Reduced pulsation
    – Variable flow rate and pressure by adjusting the air pressure
  • Reliable
    – Superior start up reliability
    – No stalling
    – Tolerates dry, damp, dirty or oily air.
    – Leak free operation through the pump’s life
  • Smooth running
    – Gentle pumping
    – Reduced pulsation
    – Fewer vibrations
  • Cost efficient
    – Reduced air consumption
    – Reduced internal pressure drop
  • Compact
    – One-piece fluid section
    – Integrated muffler
  • Simple
    – Fast and easy maintenance
    – Easy operation
    – Orientable air inlet
  • Durable
    – First quality materials
    – Long diaphragm life
    – Short stroke and robust construction