Our pump and accessories programme

Filling, emptying, conveying, dosing, extruding, injecting, applying – our barrel pumps and container pumps are suitable for the safe and economic transfer and filling of neutral and aggressive, non-flammable and easily flammable, thin to slightly viscous, as well as clean or soiled liquids from mobile or stationary containers of different sizes.


  • We use our own test lab, the "BETZ Technikum", to find suitable components for the media to be conveyed and processed
  • Pump configuration adjusted for the conveying medium, distance and environment
  • Modular expandable individual solutions
  • More than 30 years of experience in the area of conveying media of low, medium and high viscosity
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • High level of availability
  • Low-noise operation due to effective sound absorption
  • Simple assembly
  • Sealing system adjusted to application and sealing materials
  • Fast availability of seals and wear-and-tear parts